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Colours of Life   Leave a comment

Red for the blood lost in too many wars
Orange for the scars of earth to restore
Yellow to welcome the ones you love
Green the colour the earth should become
Blue for the tears our mothers have stored
Indigo for duty to be faithful to all
Violet the reverence for life’s rainbow score


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Lifes Needs   Leave a comment

In this endless land of hollow time
Where favoured tributes spoken are rightly mine
There lies a belief in living all believe

That yes a repentant soul with nature’s plight
Can walk a mile with shadows of the night
To where a change in attitude can be found

It’s knowing what we find in that the metaphoric sin
That’s in the mind that screams to all within
That the life we live can never be called irrelevant

So from a life so often lived without
Or in a life that’s often lived about
It’s there an absolute peace can be revealed

So read the words that belong to others folly
Of the understanding there beneath the holly
To forever walk alive under canopy green

With an inner eye that’s half way drawn
Shielded from a frantic summer’s storm
The blossoms of life should never be ignored

Beware then of the dying rose bush tall
Knowing beneath the many petals that will fall
Mans silence may forever be interred

For with the hedgerows growing wild and free
To show the calming of the spirit nature sees
Within the soul its heart will beat in mystic silence

So always embrace anew the quotes of self
Lost with all the others, now less inclined to help
The mind will be a mirror for you to reflect the now

Of pleasure sought and pleasure often grand
And through this time of lust across the land
Now is the time to erase this crave of want

Know when the empyrean storms precipitate
The mind will be the source to culminate
In a reflective peace of which the soul will sing

To breathe deeply as you slowly contemplate
Alone, again, with time you are to wait
This time, for time, in time, your time

When shall we feel the warmth inhabit the light?
Be allowed to disavow the feelings of the night
To experience love and forever be embraced

Know that when the sun shines brightly overhead
You must infuse the body and banish the dread
Be rewarded to feel the glow so deep within

Nurture daily the spiritual want and physical need
Do not allow the mind go to wasteful seed
And there relaxed the soul will be at peace with all

So when the composition of your earthly life
Has become the backdrop to your inner light
Your contentment will at last extend to all

Know that I’ve seen it in the many eyes behind
That the love of all of us for our mankind
Is the hope that now becomes the way for all

From writings all long hidden in the past
In confusing times we know that just won’t last
To clear the mind we meditate now with hope

Sure sceptics be as sceptics always are
Where false beliefs lie wrecked upon a star
Vain wishes will remain the realm of fools

For the minds that cannot ever be explored
Will always just remain behind closed doors
No freedom walk, no freedom talk at all

Gentle kindness is the key for one and all
It is not arduous if you can heed the call
Solutions are so simple if you seek

No need to over analyse what we do
From simple words raised from the inner you
We can embrace this core of temporal life

So exalt the life that always lives within
Accept the love so sweetly not the sin
The growing joy becomes the way to our belief

Pray raise the mind above for all to see
Embrace the body feel the soul released
And then will burdens lift and disappear

Acknowledge life as the essence for us all
Redundant the alternative we have no wish to call
Lost forever among purgatory screams not heard

Remembered every hour for why we breathe
In the autumn of our days before we leave
Tangible will forever be the reward in our belief

The lost, the tired, the hungry of humanity swarm
Those leaving, longing, looking, spirit forlorn
Swift is the reward poetic is the justice

In the finality of the physical life we lead
Do not define yourself by your life’s needs
But live your life with grace and love for all

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He Died Alone   Leave a comment

He Died Alone

He lay, surrounded by the pull of
cold dark air swirling across his body
No one heard the last words he spoke
No one would have cared if they had

His clothes were threadbare and unkempt
much like the skin of his body
It was hard to tell where one stopped
and the other started

In one hand he clutched a fountain pen
the other, sheets of thick embossed paper,
they seemed so out of place with this man
More so in the squalor of where he lived

It was sad to see, if anyone had bothered to look
His mind brilliant in so many ways,
his words were known far and wide,
but of his real life, so little had been told

Leather bound first editions sat on shelves
Murray, Whitman, Eliot, McCauley
this, was an enlightened well-read man
Yet he died page less on that dark night

The recital of his life he constructed in words
His dreams, his hopes, his pain and love
handwritten with feeling, on rich paper
His words had touched so many

It came all too quickly when it ended
His body, his heart, his soul all gave up
When the words no longer flowed
His will for life drained away also

On a cold dark night
He died alone

The poet

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The Candles Burn   Leave a comment

A soft flicker of light
spreads across the room
The number rises
Stepping through the house from room to room
The soft flicker of candlelight follows me
The house is silent
I am alone
I listen
I hear my feet shuffle across the floor
My beating heart becomes a little louder
A soft evening breeze plays through the open windows
The curtains are ruffled
The couch beckons
Soft, cool leather
On the floor a circle of candles rest
Flickering, glowing, scented sandalwood wafts the room
I lay my head down
My eyes call sleepily to my soul
One last glance
The shadows of the candles match those of my mind
As my body drifts to sleep
The candles burn

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Even the Seagulls Walked   2 comments

It was a cold brown breeze that blew in off the bay
The chop on the waves had that, dirty, dishwater look
Wind pressing against bodies, leaning people walked
Tussled hair in need of a scarf, hats lost on the sou’easter
On the water, boats rocked – those under way struggled in the heavy going
In the distance a tanker laboriously made its way towards the river’s mouth
On the sandy beach, even the seagulls walked

For the young, the children, theirs was a child’s eye view
Chasing soldier crabs across the sand, running at seagulls
The wind blowing over their heads – not through their bodies
The seaside market stall holders – stoic – their shade tents staked to the ground
A living to be made no matter what the weather
Heavy wind still blowing – whistling through the hanging chimes
On the receding tide, even the seagulls walked

Bananas 3 99 a kilo, the voice in the background called – these markets were mixed
Exposed now on a receding tide, the bait fish schooled in the shallows
A Tiger Moth flying slowly into the wind – I could have walked faster
Family groups walked the foreshore the wind blowing them home
The markets emptied as closing time neared – another day another dollar
I too walked away as the wind blew harder – a little colder maybe
And still, even the seagulls walked

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Is Love   1 comment

Is love a long term hazard
that we inflict upon ourselves
where the want of someone in our lives
can take us one short step from hell

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Who Is That Man   Leave a comment

He sat down
Looking around
Not sure of anything
Head pounding
Heart pumping
Pulse racing
Eyes aching
Eyeballs red
Fingers wrung
Back sore
I thought I saw him glance my way
I’m not too sure
He could have
He looked straightforward
Trembling within
His mind confused
Thoughts racing
Where was he?
Who was he?
Why was he?
Here on this seat
Looking around
I think he stood
Combed his hair
Rubbed his shoes
Behind his legs
Calf muscle flexing
Shoes cleaned
Pockets empty
Wallet fat
With cards expired
Give me thoughts
Give me clarity
He said
To no one
Or was it to me?
He looked my way
I think
No – I’m sure he did
He yelled at me
Who is that man?
I looked
No one was there
I think he’s going mad
He’s stopped standing
Now laying down
Curling up
The ball appears
Closer to the corner
The floor is cold
The tiles so sterile
What can I do?
He looks at me
He kneels before me
Hands outstretched
I back away
Deny the view
I cannot help
Or so I say
To myself
This time he screams
I turn again
No one is there
He scares me
I’m scared
My head pounding
Heart pumping
Pulse racing
Eyes aching
Eyeballs red
Fingers wrung
Back sore
What am I doing?
Down on this floor
The mirror changes
Not just the visual but
A mental point of view
I cannot help this man
The one in the mirror
Until I learn
How to deal with
The man on this side
Whoever he be
I’m sure it’s not me
No way would I do
What this one does
He’s mad you know
And me?
I’m perfectly sane
Help me not
For I’m okay
How about we leave it
For other days will come
When the mirror will reflect
The depths to which
I will look back
And he will be
As sane as me

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