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Abstract Nonsense

Extract my underlying essence
remove my dependence on the real
I may once have been connected
but now I have a wider application

Am I phenomena, matched
with other equivalent equations
or maybe I am all in the theory
be I category or model

I am defined as abstract structure
but only since the underlying rules
and concepts were identified as
I began from real world problems

Was I geometry, where my distance
and area was calculated
Or was I algebra, where my problems
we’re solved in arithmetic

As abstraction I have advantage
connections between difference are deep
to know me once can suggest results
when you know me twice

As abstraction I have disadvantage
concepts can be difficult to learn
maturity and experience needed for
the abstract assimilation of concepts

General ideas and constructs aside
I will display a uniformity throughout
and when you assume to know me it
will be true through abstract nonsense

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Walk Gently Under the Sway of Young Trees   Leave a comment

Walk Gently Under the Sway of Young Trees

Walk gently under the sway of young trees

Sit and watch the flow of once mighty rivers

Stand where great forests once grew

You will see the peace of silence is no more

We now see new versions of old problems

Too many ancient rivers flow toxic

Tree destroyers despise tree growers

Noise pollution screams at the deaf

We develop at the expense of living

Changing the direction of old rivers

Moving earth to make them flow backwards

And the mantra is always – “progress”

A developer never plants a million trees

Yet we let them cut down three times as many

Good people plant at unsustainable rates

Too many seeds to be planted, too few seeds

So walk gently under the sway of young trees

Plant with your heart as well as your hands

Protect the flow of the once mighty rivers

And silence the acceptance of apathy

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When the Brown Plains Finally Die   Leave a comment

When The Brown Plains Finally Die

Are we heading for a dust bowl

With our only food bowls dying

Have the native grasses died

Can you see the farmers crying

With erosion never ending

As the topsoil learns to fly

The eyes of country people

Are focussed on the sky

In the city grass is greening

Along every city street

But where town and country touch

The people never meet

For the milk just comes from Coles

And the steak a butchers shop

We don’t teach of a farmers history

Or the hardness of their lot

Their mortgages are growing

As they struggle to be sane

This drought is never ending

There are no promises of rain

The lives of men and women

As they will all testify

Will be forever changed

When the brown plains finally die

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Why Is It Always After   Leave a comment

Why Is It Always After

After the words

After the actions

The times vowed

It would never happen again

After short walks

After long talks

Or periods of silence

That say too much

After calls for help

After answers trite

When we never dream

Because we can’t sleep

After all this

Why can’t there be a before

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Chai and Mai Tai’s   Leave a comment

Chai and Mai Tai’s

Who will decide who makes the rules

We hear the drums of struggle
From the boneyards of the past
We are a scrapheap of progress
Our history has had no time to age

Who will listen to what people want

The winds from long lost homes
Will blow through empty canyons
The sands from new deserts will bite
They will no longer be named

Listen to what they say

Hallways of forgotten parliaments
Will disappear in the decay of time
No one will know what a great mind was
Let alone what one is

We are all drunk on chai and mai tai’s

Wasting our time on distant stars
We fool ourselves with unimportant things
No study on the Eiffel Tower was ever needed
When greed and death were inexorably linked

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Never to return to the world we once knew
We can wait forever to claim the right
Of the many dreams we dream
Too many to realise, we are losing

There lacks a rhyme to no reason
To listen to those without broken hearts
Do you pass by the fire without notice
We burn history, repeating Hitler’s past

Darkness in the river is everyday common
We lack the foresight of the light
There is no love story to be returned
We are falling without teardrops

There is no father in heaven; no heaven
We are the horsemen of our own apocalypse
With no god, no war, no famine, no death to come
We ride today, upon the end of days

When the sky falls in, how will it feel
Your lungs burning, your skin on fire
Who will take care of you in the ether
With nowhere to plant your feet

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Inside Every Person I Have Met   Leave a comment

Inside every person I have met

There’s something there that I have left

A story how to embrace a crowd

Or how to hide within a cloud

Inside every person I have met

Maybe it was a turn of phrase

That made you think of happier days,

Or maybe just a twinkling eye

You are trying now to identify

Inside every person I have met

Or then again a gentle touch

That didn’t really mean that much

Yet now you think and wonder why

Did I ever really see this guy

Inside every person I have met

May be I fell onto your heart

A new life then it could restart

Or maybe it was none of this

No touch, embrace or lasting kiss

Inside every person I have met

Inside every person I have met

There’s something there that I have left

It’s up to you now to define

Is it in your soul or in your mind

Inside every person I have met

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