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Climates Walk Governments Talk

The banana leaves cannot be used, they have been tainted by rising sea water – there are no bananas. The coconut milk is curdled. The fish are dying before us, the evidence is the lack of food on our plate. We are the cockerel that has crowed more times than three, yet you still deny our obvious truth. You don’t know my island name because I have almost disappeared. You certainly won’t know me when I am lost forever. It will only take a small rise in the Liquid Natural Progression, before we are all gone. We are a family of islands, brothers and sisters, mothers and fathers, we cannot swim and there are no lifesavers. Our people are an ocean people, a boat people, but they have been sabotaged like the Rainbow Warrior. It was not necessarily the French. We were told a truth that we believed, but it was nothing more than a cold call scam. Our richness was our people and culture, but the rich and greedy stopped noticing us when slavery was outlawed. Why help anyone when there is no profit. We would welcome you to our home with leis and kind words, even when you thought of us as ‘quaint’. Our hearts were big. We have asked you for help, but we are not too sure – we have seen how you treat others. We have history with the custodians of your land. They welcomed us, as they did you, but you return no favour. Rising from our bed each morning salt water laps around our ankles. You tell us, “just move your homes”. Your ignorance shows, you can move a house but you cannot move a home. You, with your harbour side and mountain views, you, just live in a ‘thing’ – with no heart and no soul. As the water rises, I can feel the cold of the ocean – I pray it is not the coldness of eternal death.


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Would I Lie to You

When nothing is written

nothing is gained,

we’ve seen the devils avarice

consume the soul

of a closed minded man

with a button dick brain

Assaulting our senses

those crowing stories of

vaginal conquests he, feels no pain

thinking smarter than the rest,

reality says he’s a geological flat top

with a tiny closed brain

It’s what men can do

what all men could

and too many men do,

they obfuscate truth, befuddle

the masses, ignore the evidence

then ask the question “would I lie to you?”

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In the End   Leave a comment

In the End

I was laid on a bed

Because my muscles ached

Because my bones creaked

One day they will be as white as the sheet I rest on

Smoke fills the sky

Ash floats on breeze

Afternoon sun draws through cotton

This bed is warm, this bed is not a bed

After the fire

After the tears

Before the rain

To see a funeral pyre from the inside out is strange

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So now is the time of the ScoMo

A fair dinkum talking guy

His calavera as thick as his waist line

Rational thought turned to fungi

In the world of political leaders

No one leads a long life

For la muerte will be unpredicted

At the end of a political knife

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A Paul Kelly Moon

I see canyons, tracing each crevasse by finger line

So much silver all in one place makes me small

I stand in a tunnel without a roof, but, no rockfall

As hours pass we glimpse a little more, see a little less

Sounds from far away embrace me, feed me, Paul Kelly me

Sound floats in on a lazy wave of night chords, he is my gravy

I can hear the trees on either side of me whispering

Their strong trunks retaining the tunnel walls from falling in

I sit in a new space, my feet dangling in cool clear water

A reflection on the rivers surface shows another heavenly body

One of us now lays on their back, the other lies face down

We stare at the moons until they’ve gone, for me that’s all there is

You turn your head, smile and begin to rise, like a silver ghost

You will follow the moon while I wait for its next waxing gibbous

That’s the difference between live people and dead people

They move on but we remain in this valley, unable to leave

The sun rises in leaps and bounds, by daylight my MCG has gone

It’s now just another winters day hovering around 11 degrees

I will have to learn how to make gravy

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To Pope Francis, the 266th Pope

of the Roman Catholic Church,

(do you mind if I call you Frank,

I’m not much of a one for formality)

Dear Frank

I’d like to pass you a petition,

or edits if your please,

that are blatantly now needed

in that bible thing you preach

So it may have been a while

since you’ve done a full review

but as CEO of the catholic church,

the responsibility ends with you

There’s a few things now outdated,

though they’d never have been right,

like the way you designate women

as chattels without a life

And those words from old St Peter,

you know that annoying slavery thing,

I can’t say why a slave would revere

masters good or bad to please

Reading Genesis tell all daughters

that getting father drunk to lay

would do the world a Lot of good

can’t be preached this day and age

Then there is the stoning,

the murders and the rapes, if

you tell me you are good with this

I’ll call liar to your face

So come on now dear Frank

yell it out across the pews, that

the bible is to be rewritten, for

you are not the Murdoch news

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Winston Smith   Leave a comment

Winston Smith

2017, Orwellian times are here
This future from a past of fiction
Winston Smiths we all became
Our re-education now
Seems so utterly complete
Existing in this totalitarian state
A time of perpetual death
And unwinnable wars

We seek the Winston of old
He who was once in us all
He who would question the Minitrue
(Even if quietly)
Why do we believe the Newspeak?
Have I misspelled?
Is the truth really the truth?
Or is it only as the truth is written

Have we now become the Proles?
The uneducated, the working class
In new age terms we are the 99%
Of middle class, the Outer Party almost gone
Those thought police control the minds
The shock jocks on the airwaves
Where ruling elite behold only to their own
Have we become the unpersons of our time?

They watch us now, most every day
Every place, every way, every time,
Do we really love the big mutha
Or are we so saturated, our ideas so controlled
That we cannot think an original thought
Where we believe that black is white
Is really black is white
Doublethink the contradictory beliefs

The names may change yet the intoxication
Of the ideology still remains
Where the O’Brien’s of this new world lead
And everything’s right until they’re caught
Where the Hates are funded and contrived
Under the spreading chestnut trees
Who has betrayed the revolution?
By whose hand does this world now turn?

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